Valentines Day Last-Minute Gifts

Even if you forgot Valentines Day, it’s not too late to get the perfect gift

By Gabrielle Pantera

Fun Friend phone cover turns mobile into cushy toy

Fun Friend phone cover turns mobile into cushy toy

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Gosh!TV) 2/14/2011 – It’s Valentines Day! Did it sneak up on you or are you ready for the big hearts-and-flowers day?

Do you want to get something different for your loved ones? Below are a few different ideas than the run-of-the-mill flowers and candy. Not that flowers and candy aren’t great, just that the addition of the below can be a big hit.

Most historians say Valentines Day originated in the Roman and Christian religions.  It became associated with romance during the Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. On the Roman Catholic Calendar of Saints, February 14 was the feast day of Saint Valentine, until it was removed in 1969. Hearts, cupids, roses and flowers, doves and lovebirds, and love knots are all associated with Valentines Day. They’re also associated with weddings.
Choosing the Special Gift

This can be a book or two tickets for the movies. Let’s hope that whoever you give the tickets will take you with them!  Or, how about a favorite DVD or Blu-ray movie to watch together? How about food? This can be fun stuff like popcorn or snowcaps or fruit and cheese and bread or crackers. Or, maybe a full meal to make together, such as fun- shaped pasta with sauce.  Add a little keepsake.

Gift Ideas for Young Women

You can make this as romantic or non-romantic as you want. A book you’ve both wanted to read. Details about a new restaurant that you’ve both wanted to try, and make the reservation.  A spa day. A handbag. A gift set of Philosophy body care products. Lingerie can be purchased at Victoria’s Secret, Fredrick’s of Hollywood, Macy’s or Nordstrom. Philosophy products are available at Nordstrom, or Sophora.

Gift Ideas for that Special Guy

A watch, dressy or casual. If your guy’s work out, get him something for the gym. Tickets to a sporting event or a concert. If you want to get sexy, silk boxers or a silk or cashmere robe.

A Great Inexpensive Gift You Can Make

Make your own gift basket. This is a bit craft-ish, but not so much as to overwhelm. This will work for anyone on your list.

Get a basket. Pick a small or medium-sized one. If it’s smaller you can fill it up with all sorts of treats and have it overflowing to look like much more. The first thing to decide is do you want to put candy in your basket.  You can put chocolate, which is typical, or something different. Instead of candy, you can put their favorite healthy snack food such as almonds and green apples. If it’s their favorite they’ll know you care that you noticed.
Charitable Valentines Day

Go to and click on the Valentines tab. For every Valentine sent, Macy’s will donate $1 to the American Heart Association.

Remember the children in your life on Valentines Day.
For Teens

With the new Justin Beiber movie out, give movie tickets for teen girls and a heart necklace or bracelet. Plan a night for all of you to make their favorite meal together. For boys, a gift card for iTunes or maybe something sports-related. Don’t neglect to spend time together in the kitchen. Make dinner together. Take photos so you have a tradition with them.

For Young Children

A stuffed animal or game they like or a new DVD or Blu-ray like Alice in Wonderland released earlier this month. Make cookies or a snack with your younger ones in the kitchen to build memories with them. Don’t forget to take photos.

Fun Friends cell phone, iPod or PDA cases. In 1998, while on a fishing trip in Cape Town, South Africa, Julian Parry noticed the captain had a lobster plush toy fit around his cell phone.  A fun idea was born. Parry created Fun Friends the original plush toy cell phone covers. There are over 100 styles. For any type of phone. There are also Fun Friends for staplers, remote controls, iPods and other items and also feature matching keychains and magnets. Fun Friends can be ordered individually or in bulk, online or by phone. Store locator at

Any of these gifts can be picked up today. So if you’ve been procrastinating, no one need be the wiser.

Happy Valentines Day!

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