Toni and Guy at Secret Room Events Beauty Bar for Oscar Nominees

Secret Room Events Interactive Beautifying Bar features UK based Toni and Guy 

By Elva Zevallos

WESTWOOD, CA (Gosh!TV) 2015/3/6 – “Locations are all across the United States but we actually originated in London,” says Toni and Guy’s Advanced Creative Director Lindsay Baker. “It’s a family owned business and the younger brother Bruno brought it to the United States.”

“We started in Dallas Texas and then from there we branched out all across the United States and now they’re starting to pop up in even more places because we started franchising our salons this year. We have over ten academies and over 30 salons in the United States. We’re an education based company so on all different levels we have our education inside of our cosmetology schools which are our basic academy. Then we have our advanced academies, which are academies where we teach other licensed hairstylists that come and take classes from us in cutting, coloring and styling. “

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