Linux Game Server Design Seminar, Dec 4th, Sheffield, UK

Gosh!TV editors Robin Rowe and Gabrielle Pantera presenting a seminar on game design

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Gosh!TV) 2013/11/23 – Game developers take note…

Games are the hot sector for start-ups in entertainment. The fastest growing game in 2012 reached 50 million downloads in just 50 days. Game clients are typically small programs written in iOS or Android for running on phones, but servers must scale and be resilient. Massively multi-user servers are not easy to get right, as we have seen recently with the Obamacare server crisis. We’ll discuss multi-player game server design, the challenges, the obstacles and solutions.

Gabrielle Pantera and Robin Rowe are executives at the media design company Gosh!TV. Launched in 2010, the company is based at one of the oldest studio lots in Hollywood. Gabrielle is a game concept designer, a talk show host, a journalist and a producer. She’s worked for top 5 TV production company Zodiak/RDF, for MGM and The CW network. Robin is a creative technologist, a journalist and a producer. He’s worked for DreamWorks Animation, The BBC and NBC television. He’s taught object-oriented software design in C++ at the Naval Postgraduate School and the University of Washington.

The Department of Computing Seminar Series
Dec. 4th, 2013, 1pm-2pm

Cantor Building
Sheffield Hallam University
153 Arundel Street
Sheffield S1 2NU

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