Golden Globes 2020: Charlize, Hanks and Ellen, Big Winner 1917

Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres high points of the awards show evening
By Robin Rowe

BEVERLY HILLS, CA (GoshTV) 2020/1/5 – World War beat the mob (The Irishman), a homicidal psychopath (Joker), a broken marriage and the pope (The Two Popes) to win best picture at the Golden Globes tonight. The WW1 historic drama 1917 the big winner. Best Actress went to Renée Zellweger for Judy. Best Actor to Joaquin Phoenix for Joker.

Charlize Theron and Tom Hanks were a high point of the evening. Before Theron presented Hanks with a lifetime achievement award, she described how starting out as an actress she was having a panic attack in the middle of her audition for That Thing You Do, produced by Hanks. He saved her by making up an excuse to leave the room for five minutes, saying he wanted to hear her go again when he got back.

What Theron did not know, and Hanks revealed while accepting the award, was that he had left the room to tell Play-Tone, his production company, that Theron had to be in the picture. It was Theron’s first role. Accepting the award while suffering from a terrible cold, Hanks rambled on. He was so charmingly grateful that nobody wanted him to stop talking. Could have gone longer.

Ellen DeGeneres was  another high point, receiving the Carol Burnett Award. Kate McKinnon gave a heartfelt speech, thanking Ellen for coming out as gay and giving others in the LGBT community the courage to do so. With Carol Burnett in the audience, DeGeneres joked that Burnett’s signature ear pull on the Carol Burnett Show, known for being a shout-out to her mother, was actually something else. A hint that she is gay.

Ricky Gervais as host was Ricky Gervais, funny but a bit too mean. In his joke about the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, he said that the reason HFPA had adopted a plant-based menu that night is because their members are all vegetables. HFPA president Lorenzo Sonia got the last laugh later in the evening, when he said, Ricky Gervais says every year this is his last year…would he put it in writing?

The HFPA vegan menu was, of course, in recognition of the role animal agriculture plays in disastrous global climate change. Many of the Globe winners and presenters spoke of the climate catastrophe in Australia and urged political action to protect the planet. Australia, the world’s biggest exporter of coal, is being ravaged by wild fires and record high temperatures.

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