Day Twenty Three of 25 days of Holiday Gifts Stocking Stuffers for Kids

the Violight Rockee Toothbrush rocks and won’t fall down

Stocking stuffer’s for kids

By Gabrielle Pantera

Hollywood, CA (Gosh!TV) 2012/12/15 – It’s time to think about what to put in those stockings. Today it all about the kids.

Lets start with the practical stocking stuffer:

The Violight Rockee is a toothbrush literally rocks. This toothbrush wobbles, rocks, spins, and won’t tip over. This should help get kids to brush their teeth. And it might even work for adults too. Since it stand up you don’t need a cup or a toothbrush holder for storage. It comes with two extra brush heads in every pack! $14.95

Piggy Paint nail polish

Mistle Toes from Piggy Paint are hypo-allergenic nail polishes that are non toxic, and odorless. Colors are Sometimes Sweet, Glass Slippers, and Eat Your Peace- a NEW green shimmer. $24.99







Santa does he work all year delivering legos?

LEGO Minifigures are more then Legos they spark the imagination of your child. Your child can play games. Online there’s more for you and your child to explore. There are many minifigures to choose from so it could be difficult to pick just one. But with a price of $1.99 two or more maybe the way to go.

Forest Maiden played in the deep woods as a child, she knows each root and branch by heart. She’s a member of the Forestman’s merry band, and move silently in the forest. Her skill is building traps.

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