CBS and Time Warner Cable War Over NFL, Winner Netflix

CBS predicts Patriots win, but real NFL winner may be Netflix

CBS predicts Patriots win, but real NFL winner may be Netflix

Month-long CBS cable blackout of Time Warner Cable is over, but what CBS wanted wasn’t just more money, but to put content on Netflix.

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Gosh!TV) 2013/9/3 – “The final agreements with Time Warner Cable deliver to us all the value and terms that we sought in these discussions,” said CBS chief Les Moonves in a letter to employees (letter at Mediabistro). “We are receiving fair compensation for CBS content and we also have the ability to monetize our content going forward on all the new, developing platforms that are right now transforming the way people watch television.”

According to a statement released by Time-Warner cable on August 5th, the company had already “reluctantly agreed” to the financial terms CBS proposed. So, if the month-long CBS cable blackout in Los Angeles, New York and other cities wasn’t about the money, what was it? What did CBS want?

“This was a far more protracted dispute than anyone at CBS anticipated, but in spite of the pain it caused to all of us, and most importantly the inconvenience to our viewers who were affected, it was an important one, and one worth pursuing to a satisfactory conclusion,” said Moonves. “That has been achieved.”

What has been achieved is the right to retransmit CBS content on Netflix and other digital networks. The new agreement covers rights of the cable networks owned by CBS, including Showtime, CBS Sports including NFL games, and the Smithsonian Channel.That’s good news for viewers who want to cut the cord to their cable provider and continues the trend of declining cable viewership and TV Everywhere.

Time-Warner had the choice to accept the terms CBS demanded or be blacked out for NFL football. The NFL games start on Thursday. So CBS is back on Time-Warner, including NFL football.

“We’re pleased to be able to restore CBS programming for our customers, and appreciate their patience and loyalty throughout the dispute,” says Time Warner Cable chairman and CEO Glenn Britt. “As in all of our negotiations, we wanted to hold down costs and retain our ability to deliver a great video experience for our customers.”

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