Books: Vocal Essentials For the Pop Singer

Vocal Essentials for the Pop Singer, look out American Idol and X Factor

Vocal Essentials for the Pop Singer, look out American Idol and X Factor

Exclusive interview with author Teri Danz and a review of her new book to take your pop singing from good to great **** 4 Stars

By Gabrielle Pantera

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Gosh!TV) – 10/4/2011 – “The book is overall in its approach; containing basic warm-ups, breathing exercises, music theory, harmony and much more,” says Vocal Essentials For the Pop Singer- Take Your Singing from Good to Great author  Teri Danz. “The biggest challenge for the aspiring singer is to believe that he or she is a singer, that it’s a calling. Without that, all of the challenges along the way will be too hard. Work it and be willing to do what it takes.”

Vocal Essentials For the Pop Singer is a complete guide for artists developing their voice while learning solid techniques for pop singing. It’s all here…music theory, sight reading, proper breathing, posture, vocal health, singing and musical styles, stage presence and career tips. The accompanying CD has warm-up exercises for daily use and vocal and musical examples of each of the concepts presented.

Danz says many different types of singers can benefit from a book that covers all the essentials. It’s more than a full range of singing techniques for beginning singers. It also appeals to “the voice, the natural talent may sound good sometimes, but lacks the technique to be consistent or reach the next level. Then there’s the gigging (performing) singer with no technique or training. That can be dangerous, cause strain that can temporarily or permanently damage a voice.

Danz says the best way to use Vocal Essentials is to go through it from the beginning and practice the exercises from the book’s CD as you go. “This way you build a foundation.”

Vocal Essentials was originally written to be a different book, as Stuff Good Singers Should Know,” part of an A to Z guide series. After finishing that book, Danz and the publisher the content didn’t seem to fit as well for that series. It was renamed and rewritten as Vocal Essentials.

Danz writes about vocal technique and performance for Music Connection, EQ Magazine and Guitar Player.“I actually got the idea for a book from publishing The Singer’s Newsletter, a monthly email-only publication where I write vocal-related articles, provide vocal tips and performing opportunities to a targeted readership of singers, musicians, managers, producers, and vocal enthusiasts,” says Danz. “The great thing is that the more specific I get about vocal technique and performance, the better a response I get. When people began asking me to send specific issues, like on breath control, I knew a book would be helpful.”

Danz had a club hit song in the early 90s with  Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love on Twilight Records. “I have experienced all of the challenges every artist faces,” says Danz. “The rejection, the learning curve, the search for self, the success, the failure, the missteps, the mistakes, and the ultimate joy of creating that perfect moment, when you transcend your technique and even the music, and connect in a real way with your audience.”

“There is nothing like having an audience cry to a song you’ve written and can actualize in performance,” says Danz. “ The music business is constantly changing, so as an artist, both from the outside and the inside, your work will change and evolve. The point is to renew yourself with inspiration and reinvent the next “voice” you put out into the world. The key to my insight and success as a coach is my real world experience as an artist.”

Danz is a classically trained flutist and plays guitar and keyboards. As a vocalist, she trained in San Francisco with Raz Kennedy. For performance, music theory, and piano and guitar, she studied at the Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco. Danz grew up with music around her. “My family is very musical,” says Danz. “My Dad plays clarinet, my sister also sings professionally, and I have sung since I was a little girl. “My sister and I would sing harmonies in the back seat and everywhere we went.”

Danz pitched her book to publishers directly, without an agent. She says she pitched to the appropriate publishers and relied on having a great book proposal.

Danz says negotiating with a publisher is challenging, but worth it. “I sent them a book proposal and was contacted by an editor about seven months later. For the second version of the book, she was assigned to editor Mark Baker. As publisher Hal Leonard is based in Milwaukee, she worked with Baker by phone and email, has yet to meet him. She says he’s been an amazing vocal editor, that he understands vocal issues and is a great organizer.

Danz is completing production of a second vocal exercise CD, with more advanced exercises to build range, tone, and strength. It’s intended as a next step for students who have completed the exercises included with the book. Her next project is a new record.

Danz is based in Los Angeles. She was born in Rochester, New York.

Danz has a website at where you can request to get on her newsletter list.

Vocal Essentials For The Pop Singer: Take Your Singing From Good To Great (Book and CD)
Paperback: 48 pages, Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation; Pap/Com edition (May 15, 2011), Language: English ISBN: 9781423488293 $14.99

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