Best of TCA: Journalist Brittany Frederick

Brittany Frederick covers Adam Levine and NBC The Voice

Brittany Frederick covers Adam Levine and NBC The Voice

Exclusive interview with journalist Brittany Frederick covering the Television Critics Association fall 2013 network presentations

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Gosh!TV) 2013/8/11 – Part of our exclusive series, we asked all 234 listed members of TCA and many independent journalists covering the TCA press tour what are their favorite new TV shows, and where we can read their best coverage.

Brittany Frederick is a freelance journalist for, Fanhattan, Starpulse, Examiner, Fanbolt and CliqueClack.

Do you have a particular approach, angle or mandate?

To let the story tell itself. Listen to what’s being said and allow the angle to develop organically. I’ll of course speak up if I have a specific question, but I find it’s most interesting to, as Napoleon’s battle plan goes, “show up and then we see what happens.”

Which shows and stars most intrigue you at this TCA?

I’m only doing NBC this year. I was of course excited to see that my show The Voice had a panel. I’ve always genuinely enjoyed just listening to the musician coaches and Carson Daly talk. Their combined passion for music, and what the show can do in the music business, always comes through. And having worked with them for years now, any time I get to be in their company, even if it’s just observing a panel, is a joy. I was also excited about CBS The Crazy Ones, because James Wolk is one of the stars and he’s one of my favorite actors.

For how many years have you covered TCA?

This is my third or fourth year at TCA. I have to say it’s changed for the better. My first year I felt like a fish out of water. It was a lot to take on and people were not very welcoming. Now I feel like I know what I’m doing, and I’ve gotten to know more people which makes me more comfortable.

What do you like best about TCA? What would you change?

What’s best about it is it’s like Comic-Con for journalists. I get to do nothing but listen to actors, writers and producers talk about TV shows all day, which is a dream, just to soak up their knowledge and their anecdotes. Sometimes I even get to run into people at the parties I wouldn’t otherwise see. I have a few fond memories of meeting folks there.

But I’d definitely change a few things. While I do feel more comfortable than I did when I started, sometimes I still have moments where people make me feel like I don’t belong, which is unfortunate. And I’m not fond of there being sessions on weekends, for purely selfish reasons. If I have to cover TCA on a weekend, in addition to during the week, that means I may not get a day off for a long time. For me, being in subpar health and having to drive from Temecula, that can be tough.

Is there a favorite story you can share from your current TCA coverage?

I actually can’t. My editor at elected not to have me file a story on The Voice panel as nothing “newsy” really came out of it. But, so as not to leave you empty-handed, I’ll tell you a fun story from after the NBC session. As I was leaving to make my way down to the cocktail reception, Adam Levine was on his way out of the hotel. Our paths crossed and we stopped and waved at each other.

It was a nice gesture on his part, and what made it more interesting was that I then had to walk through the small crowd of people that had been following him through the lobby, several of whom were looking at me wondering who I was. It’s always amusing when I find myself in a situation like that. It reminds me how blessed I am to do what I do, and keep the company that I am in.

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