Best of TCA: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette TV Writer Rob Owen

A Sharknado moment, journalist Rob Owen uncovers a surprising TCA link

A Sharknado moment, journalist Rob Owen uncovers a surprising TCA link

Exclusive interview with journalist Rob Owen covering the Television Critics Association fall 2013 network presentations

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Gosh!TV) 2013/8/11 – Part of our exclusive series, we asked all 234 listed members of TCA and many independent journalists covering the TCA press tour what are their favorite new TV shows, and where we can read their best coverage.

Rob Owen is a TV writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Scripps Howard News Service.

Do you have a particular approach, angle or mandate?

I’m always looking for local angles, whether it’s stars of reality shows or executives and writers from Pittsburgh. I wish MTV’s publicists had contacted me in advance of tour that there was a local tie for MTV’s Nurses so I didn’t have to crash the green room when they went backstage after their panel. Beyond that, I’m collecting quotes for the next six months of stories, including trend pieces.

Which shows and stars most intrigue you at this TCA?

Linda Lavin, who’s back on Sean Saves the World. I’m sure long-time TV fans will be interested to see the star of Alice back on TV. I had a very nice, 20-minute sit-down chat with her at NBC’s party.

For how many years have you covered TCA?

My first tour was summer 1997, so that’s 16 years.

What do you like best about TCA?

Access to stars, producers, executives, some of whom I could not get on the phone from home.

Is there a favorite story you can share from your current TCA coverage?

PRESS TOUR: One of us: The director of ‘Sharknado’ also attends press tour as a journalist

by Rob Owen

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — One of the stranger discoveries this press tour was that the director of the Syfy social media hit “Sharknado” is one of us. Anthony Ferrante is not a member of the Television Critics Association, but he’s a familiar presence at press tour as a journalist credentialed by the networks to cover TCA.  And it turns out, he’s also the director of several low-budget horror films. More…

Rob Owen has a blog and is on Twitter @RobOwenTV.

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