Best of TCA: Mother Nature Network Journalist Gerri Miller

Gerri Miller interviews Gray's Anatomy star Eric Danes for YourTango

Gerri Miller interviews Gray’s Anatomy star Eric Danes for YourTango

Exclusive interview with journalist Gerri Miller covering the Television Critics Association fall 2013 network presentations

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Gosh!TV) 2013/8/3 – Stars and network executives converge on the TCA press conference. Freelancer Gerri Miller writes for the Mother Nature Network, The Jewish Journal,,, and BE magazine. Part of our exclusive series, we asked all 234 listed members of TCA and many independent journalists covering TCA what they think, where we can read their best coverage.

Do you have a particular approach, angle or mandate?

Every outlet has a different focus and agenda.

Which shows and stars most intrigue you at this TCA? Why?

The Michael J. Fox Show because it’s the best comedy pilot. Of the returning shows, The Voice, for its A-list talent, and Homeland. Ditto for talent, and it’s a great show.

NBC The Michael J. Fox Show premieres on September 26th at 9/8c.

For how many years have you covered TCA? How has your experience at TCA changed over time?

I’ve covered since 2001. My experience has changed as my outlets have. In the beginning it was mostly print. Now it’s mostly online. Outlets have come and gone over the years and each one has a different focus. The shows and talent that are important to me vary depending on who I’m covering for that tour.

What do you like best about TCA? What would you change?

I like that it’s a good opportunity to bank several months’ worth of material. The scheduling is random and difficult at times but it can’t be all things to all writers. It’s exhausting but at this point I’ve learned to pace myself so I’m not feeling burned out by the end of it. If I don’t need to cover a panel, I skip it… especially if it’s early in the morning.

Is there a favorite story you can share from your current TCA coverage?

Not yet!

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