Best of TCA: Crave Online Journalist Fred Topel

The Michael J. Fox Show is one to watch says Crave's Fred Topel

The Michael J. Fox Show is one to watch says Crave’s Fred Topel

Exclusive interview with journalist Fred Topel covering the Television Critics Association fall 2013 network presentations

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Gosh!TV) 2013/8/13 – Part of our exclusive series, we asked all 234 listed members of TCA and many independent journalists covering the TCA press tour what are their favorite new TV shows, and where we can read their best coverage.

Fred Topel is a journalist for Crave Online and Fan Voice.

Do you have a particular approach, angle or mandate?

I look for exclusive news and one-on-one interviews whenever I can.

Which shows and stars most intrigue you at this TCA?

The Michael J. Fox Show because it’s monumental that he’s back. He was phenomenal on stage and at the party, self-deprecating and present, engaging. It was a landmark for me to meet him after 14 years as a journalist too.

For how many years have you covered TCA?

Since 2006. The biggest change is compressing days together. Networks used to take three days each, now they cram all shows into one day. It unfortunately spreads us too thin, but I understand in this economy it’s too costly to take extra days.

What do you like best about TCA? What would you change?

I love the opportunity to scrum with the talent on stage and have intimate access with them at parties. I wouldn’t change anything. It’s the best, most productive way to do my job.

Is there a favorite story you can share from your current TCA coverage?

Howard Gordon Wants Chloe & Real Time Continuity For New ’24′ Miniseries

by Fred Topel

Gordon tells us why the new “24: Live Another Day” miniseries is better than a movie and shares his hopes for bringing Mary Lynn Rajskub back. Earlier today, Howard Gordon was on a Television Critics Association panel for the Showtime series “Homeland.” After the session finished up, we went over to Gordon for an update on the new “24: Live Another Day” miniseries that he’s producing for Fox. After so many false starts for a 24 movie, isn’t returning to television better anyway?

“Yes, because I love movies, they’re great but I’m so bullish on the medium of television,” answered Gordon. “I’ve always loved TV. It’s like the… More…

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