Best of TCA: Managing Editor Trish Bendix

Breeanna Speicher in MTV Generation Cryo reviewed by Trish Bendix

Breeanna Speicher in MTV Generation Cryo reviewed by Trish Bendix

Exclusive interview with journalist Trish Bendix covering the Television Critics Association fall 2013 network presentations

By Robin Rowe

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Gosh!TV) 2013/8/10 – Part of our exclusive series, we asked all 234 listed members of TCA and many independent journalists covering the TCA press tour what are their favorite new TV shows, and where we can read their best coverage.

Trish Bendix is managing editor of Twitter @afterellen and @trishbendix.

GoshTV: Do you have a particular approach, angle or mandate?

Bendix: I cover pop culture items of interest to lesbian and bisexual women, so at TCA I am generally speaking with producers, networks and writers involved with the creating of LGBT characters, the actresses who have played or are currently playing them on screen, and the out women that are writers, producers or actors as well. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one at TCA with this specific beat

GoshTV: Which shows and stars most intrigue you at this TCA?

Bendix: This TCA I’m most interested in American Horror Story: Coven, as the show is very LGBT-friendly and stars out actress Sarah Paulson. Rizzoli & Isles is big with our readers so I spoke with Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander at the TNT party. I’m also quite interested in visiting the Queen Latifah set. One of the reality shows I’m pretty thrilled about is Generation Cryo on MTV which has a lesbian teenage with lesbian moms who is trying to track down her sperm donor father with her extended family of half-siblings.

GoshTV: For how many years have you covered TCA?

Bendix: I’ve been covering TCA for three years now and my experience is generally similar. It really depends on how much LGBT content networks are providing, and some sessions are gayer than others. I find that this summer’s isn’t as big for me, but it also really depends on who comes to the parties from current shows. I think coming to TCA gets easier every time once you learn the ropes and meet publicists and know what the behind-the-scenes people look like, that producers and writers are just as important if not more so than to talk to than the actors, who are just more recognizable.

GoshTV: What do you like best about TCA? What would you change?

Bendix: I like the access to the writers, creators and networks. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a lobbyist here because it’s kind of like campaigning for visibility, asking the powers that be why there are no gay characters on their shows or when we’ll see more. I would love to be able to take more photos of and with the talent at parties and one-on-ones. Our readers love seeing that kind of thing. But, I understand that networks aren’t so thrilled about that. Here’s hoping in the future things can change a bit.

GoshTV: Is there a favorite story you can share from your current TCA coverage?

Generation Cryo Follows a Lesbian Teen with Two Moms

by Trish Bendix

MTV’s new reality series Generation Cryo follows a real life lesbian as she tracks down her half-siblings who were all conceived via the same sperm donor. Breeanna Speicher is 17 and newly out to her friends and two moms, Sherry and Debra. In the beginning of the premiere episode, Breeanna jokes that her moms ordered up some sperm, put on some Melissa Etheridge, got out the turkey baster and she was born. “They were in love and they wanted a kid and neither of them had a penis.” More…



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