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Robin Rowe


GoshTV.com Managing Editor
Robin Rowe

GoshTV.com is a digital news magazine that covers entertainment, fashion, lifestyle and technology, as in…oh my gosh.

Gosh!TV the Company

Gosh!TV is a media tech company based at a 100-year-old Hollywood studio lot. We have content creators in the United States and Venezuela, software engineers in the United States, India, Pakistan and Russia.

As journalists, we publish the celebrity news daily HollywoodDailyStar.com and the digital magazine GoshTV.com.

As producers, we’re filming in Hawaii for a program about submarines and navy innovation. Our last series was Meet the Music, a live, 1-hour, call-in talk show that interviewed bands. 55 episodes.

As technologists, we create innovation to order. Recent client innovation projects include safety-critical software that controls a third of U.S. traffic signals, the production pipeline used to make a Mattel Barbie animated series, engineering specifications for future AT&T DirecTV set-top boxes, and prototypes of future GoPro IoT and cloud products.

We speak as experts at conferences worldwide. Up next, a keynote presentation at SCALE on March 5th. Topic: Open Source for Solving Global Problems.

Gosh!TV Mailing Address

We are located in a gated studio lot where prime time television series are being made. Visitors by appointment only.

5300 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA  90038


Gosh!TV is a trademark of the company Gosh!TV.

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