28‭ ‬Days of Holiday Gift Ideas, WowWee Alive Stuffed Animals

Day‭ 21, f‬or my true love sent to me,‭ ‬a surprising gift idea for each day in the holiday season

By Gabrielle Pantera

WowWee Alive, cuddly stuffed animals

WowWee Alive, cuddly stuffed animals

HOLLYWOOD,‭ ‬CA‭ (‬Gosh!TV‭) ‬12/17/2009‭ – ‬Day‭ 21 ‬gift idea: WowWee Alive baby animals are plush huggable life-like animals. Choose the Wowwee Alive baby animals or the new miniatures: mini lion cub, mini white tiger cub, mini panda cub and mini leopard cub. They all want to be adopted and to come home with you. Available at Target, Amazon and Radio Shack or online. $19.99


In honor of the holidays,‭ ‬a fresh gift idea for that special one who you want to give the perfect gift.‭ ‬Every day we’ll present a featured gift idea and list all the gift ideas to date.‭ ‬These are affordable gifts that show more thought than the mundane tie or scarf.‭ ‬Pick one or the true romantic can give every one,‭ ‬one per day.

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